Associate Professor Senthil, a faculty extraordinaire

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Having joined on the D-Day of starting the college, Associate Professor Senthil has stood by the brand of Sri Ganesh College of Engineering & Technology’s various spectrum of events and progress.

Senthil has served as the Head of Department of Science and Humanities for the last 7 years, guiding the first year of students looking to become engineers. He has served admirably as Chief Superintendent of Pondicherry University Examinations, Bank Examinations conducted by the government and for the Department of Education, Pondicherry University.

Four critically acclaimed international journals, which are SCOPUS indexed has given him the perspective that publishing one’s unique academic and research ideas are very important. This has led him to encourage undergraduate students at SGCET to publish journal papers, whose importance the students will not fully understand for years to come, but will be incredibly thankful to their favourite Professor, Senthil.

We hope his streak of achievements go above and beyond academia, Godspeed Senthil Sir.

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