Startup Bootcamp

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Do you know what a startup is?

Uber, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Ola, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM, Redbus were all started by a group of motivated individuals who started it either in their garage or in their spare bedrooms. All they had was their computers, a steady internet connection, knowledge in the field they wanted to startup in and an unending supply of ambition.

Right now, there are various problems to take and start a venture with the solution using relevant technologies. These ventures have the capability to become amazing startup companies that can you can get funded and become the next Bhavish, Founder of Ola or the next Sachin Bansal, Founder of Flipkart and more.

Here at Pondicherry’s first ever FREE Startup Bootcamp for +2 students, we will go through the basics of starting up like how to select a commercially viable problem to solve, what feasible solution architecture to craft, how to build your MVP and first validate your startup etc. all the way upto getting covered by Press, finding traction, getting funded and exiting.

Here is the schedule:


Day 1: Starting Up

Day 2: Finding your opportunity

Day 3: Solution Research

Day 4: Building an MVP

Day 5: Finding Traction

Day 6: Funding & Scaling


Are you interested?

Apply Here:

Goodluck with your venture.

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