Mechanical Department had conducted the “National level technical Symposium” on March 24,2017

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The mechanical department had conducted the National level technical symposium named as “Mechnovate’17”  on 24 March 2017. We had invited the two Chief Guests from  Pondicherry Engineering college.
                                   Dr.N.Alagumurthi, M.Tech.,Ph.D.,  Professor/Mech

                                     Dr.K.Pajaniradja.,M.Tech.,Ph. D.,Professor/Mech
We have conducted both technical and non-technical events such as,
(1)Project expo
(2)Technical quiz
(3)Track race(manual)
(4)Technical connection
(5)Paper presentation
(6)Short film
(7)Robot race
(8)Mehendhi and Rangoli
(9)Blind Hit

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