Research & Development.

Department of Mechanical Engineering has been established in the year 2012-13, at Pondicherry University developed from an undergraduate program with an intake of 60 students to one of the marquee programs in the college. The department has also steadily progressed financially with the funds acquired for research, workshops, conferences, and symposium growing every year.

The Department has proposed research projects from Government agencies such as the DRDO, DST, IREDA etc. and consultancy works from industries such as Salem steel plant, MRF and other companies in and around Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. The research in the Department is concentrated mostly in three thrust areas namely Nanotechnology, Material Testing and Alternate fuels, while Supply Chain Management, Material science and Tribology have also evolved into areas of research.


Dr.Arjun Subburaj

Dr.Arjun Subburaj

M.S.(Australia), Ph.D

As a serial entrepreneur, who created multiple successful startups and guided them into becoming companies, Arjun picked up traits of finding the right product market fit.

The Research and Development division of the college, reflects what he absorbed from the Silicon Valley, where his company is headquartered, and the Melbourne startup scene, where he started his first venture.

The idea is to help students identify a trending need and coincide it with their areas of interest and come up with a product after iterative research


Competent Computers.

A Warrior is only as good as his weakest weapon. So we made sure our student researchers and entrepreneurs get the best machines to invent the future. All of our rigs are custom built for the job at hand. 6th Gen i7 processors, 16GB of GDDR3 RAM and GTX 1060 with 4GB GDDR5.


200MBps Internet .

There's a world of knowledge out there and our student researchers need access to it. This is so that they don't need to reinvent the wheel but can use the existing inventions and discoveries to come up with their own unique innovations.


Access to Journals.

Students can request access to any peer reviewed engineering journals in any department stream and it is given within 48 hours.


Faculty and Staff.


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