Department of Mechanical.

Department of Mechanical Engineering has been established in the year 2012-13, at Pondicherry University developed from an undergraduate program with an intake of 60 students to one of the marquee programs in the college. The department has also steadily progressed financially with the funds acquired for research, workshops, conferences, and symposium growing every year.

The Department has proposed research projects from Government agencies such as the DRDO, DST, IREDA etc. and consultancy works from industries such as Salem steel plant, MRF and other companies in and around Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. The research in the Department is concentrated mostly in three thrust areas namely Nanotechnology, Material Testing and Alternate fuels, while Supply Chain Management, Material science and Tribology have also evolved into areas of research.


HOD Message.

Juliet P. Brand



THE DEPARTMENT OF Mechanical Engineering (MECH) has consistently maintained an exemplary academic record. The greatest asset of the department is its highly motivated and learned faculty. The available diversity of expertise of the faculty with the support of the other staff prepares the students to work in global multicultural environment. The graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Stream have been selected by some of the world’s leading corporations & as well as by most of the leading Indian counter parts.

The Department is equipped with state of art Laboratories. The lab facilities are being upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for the students to learn and innovate.

We will be happy to receive your suggestions for further improvement and development of our department.


Basic Workshop.

Engineering students doing courses in various branches are to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge so as to serve the society in improving the living standards. The workshop practical in first year is intended to impart basic knowledge of various hand tools and their usage in different sections of manufacturing; they include Carpentry, Fitting, welding.Though engineers are not going to become carpenters or blacksmiths or skilled workmen on shop floor, but their exposure to these vocational trades provides them a bird’s eye view of basic practical activities associated with all branches of engineering .


Material Testing and Metallurgy .

Material Selection forms an inseparable part of the Mechanical Engineering Design process. Suggesting a suitable material for a particular application, which can withstand the stresses that will be developed due to various loads without any failure, is of utmost importance because most of the materials are subjected to different kind of stresses due to various types of loads acting on them.


Manufacturing Process.

The subject of Manufacturing Process I, II, III has been dealt with intensively in all engineering curricula at most technical universities both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Several textbooks and reference books describing details of machine tool types, constructional details, manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures and metal cutting theory have been published over the last several decades.


Fluid Mechanics and Machinery .

Engineering is applying scientific knowledge to find solutions for problems of practical importance. A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics and machinery is essential for all the scientists and engineers because they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics, Force of fluid on structural surfaces, fluid transport.


Dynamics of Machines.

Mechanical engineering systems invariably consist of moving parts. With ever increasing emphasis on high speed machines (for higher productivity), effects of accelerating/decelerating moving masses plays a significant role. This course aims to equip the student with fundamental knowledge of dynamics of machines so that he can appreciate problems of dynamic force balance, transmissibility of forces, and isolation of systems, vibrations.


Thermal Engineering.

Study of Heat transfer is the major term in thermal engineering lab. Engines are converting heat energy into mechanical energy. Performance of engines, refrigeration unit and air conditioning unit are evaluated in this lab. Properties such as viscosity, flash and fire point, calourific value of oil and fuel are evaluated.


Computer Aided Design.

The department of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with latest commercial software required for research and development. The department acquired licensed versions of AutoCAD, CATIA, PRO-E and ANSYS etc. A number of faculty and students have already made excellent use of this software for their research and a number of computational and analytical research projects based on the software are in progress.


Department Toppers.

1st Gopinath – 8.5 CGPA
In an attempt to create an academic environment where students are continually challenged and motivated to do their best possible work, our entrepreneur fervor will provide practical knowledge and right kind of motivation. This will be a different kind of educational experience with the abiding faith in the individual ability to excel. We believe in nurturing human values and engineering acumen together and will attempt to bring out well qualified individuals.
As an extension of corporate social responsibility, SGCET believes in giving back to the society through a real value engineering educaion that has relevance to the changing India. Towards this endeavor SGCET Strives its best to put forward best efforts of coordination in th
e at Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology are committed to provide quality education in Engineering, Technology and Management. This is achieved through upgradation of facilities, faculty development, campus placement and continual improvement. Students are also provided with opportunities for industrial based practical knowledge training and extra-curicular activities. Focus is also given to conduct regular short term courses w

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